Middle Class limbo

So, ummmm, this Middle Class thing…is this like a financial version of the Catholic purgatory where we have to wallow between the hell of not knowing how you’re going to pay your bills this month and the heaven of actually having money after your bills are paid?

It is such a cruel place of limbo. Every now and then you feel the flames of financial hell licking at your heels. Then, alternately, you get the feeling that are you right there, just out of reach of the Promised Land of extra money. A land of weekend getaways and carefree spending. Then, cruelly, the feeling is ripped away from you by the appearance of Unexpected Expenses…

Now, you may say that I am being a bit of a brat, complaining about not having enough money to spend after all my bills are paid, considering some people don’t have enough money to pay their bills at all. Even more so because my bills include payments for my nice new car, my nice house with the three a/c units, my huge pure-bred dog, my insurance that will ensure a stay at a nice PRIVATE nursing home, etc, etc. And to that I say, “Fuck you.” Because I’ve worked my ASS off to be able to complain about these things. And I look forward, one day, if I make it into the Promised Land, to complaining that the engine on my yacht is broken, or the membership at my private country club went up by $50. That would be paradise…

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