Hit Me With Music

“One good thing about music: When it hits, you feel no pain.”

As someone who loves music, this quote means a lot to me.

First, the physical impact of music is powerful, but painless. It moves you, but it does not hurt.

Second, and more important, whatever pain you’d been experiencing to that point is erased by the right music. Any kind of pain, be it physical, emotional, or psychological, is, at least temporarily, dissolved by the beat or the melody. Music is the most natural anesthesia.

Music hits with a force that cannot be explained or quantified. It fills you with feeling, and magnifies or quells whatever else you’d been feeling to that point. Music can raise you out of the depths of despair and depression, bring you down from the heights of an explosive rage, or enhance a good mood to the point of ecstasy. Music can bring on nostalgia and make you smile from ear to ear, or cause you to physically ache with the memory of someone you miss. But even the ache is sweet; you bask in the memory of their presence, rather than the thought that they are not there.

And the music need not be man-made. There is music to be found in the calls of birds, in the sound of waves lapping a shore, or in the sound of the wind in the trees. There is music all around you if you know how to listen.

Music is natural, it is elemental, and it is powerful.

To me music is life, so hit me with music.


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